6 tips to help you make informed decisions when planning on financing your next dream car

If you’re planning to finance your dream car, it’s essential to make informed decisions to ensure that you get the best deal possible. At Watu Gari, we’re committed to helping you drive away with your dream car through our affordable car financing options.

Here are six tips to guide you when planning to finance your next dream car in Kenya:

  1. Determine your budget: It’s crucial to assess your finances and determine how much you can spend on your dream car. Consider your income, expenses and other financial obligations to set a realistic budget. Plan for ongoing costs, as owning a car involves ongoing expenses like insurance, maintenance, and fuel. Ensure that you factor these costs into your budget.
  2. Research the car: Conduct thorough research on the car you want, including its make, model, year and features. This information will help you determine the car’s market value and negotiate a fair price with the seller. At Watu Gari, we’ll also do an independent car valuation before financing it.
  3. Confirm your financial statement: Your M-Pesa and bank statements play a vital role in determining how much financing you can receive from Watu Gari.
  4. Negotiate the price: Based on your research and budget, negotiate the price of the car with the seller. Consider negotiating the price of the car separately from the financing terms.
  5. Understand the financing terms: Ensure you understand the financing terms, including the interest rate, fees, and repayment schedule. Feel free to ask questions and clarify anything you need help understanding.
  6. Consider a down payment: Making a down payment on the car can reduce the money you need to borrow and lower your monthly payments. At Watu Gari, we offer up to 80% financing of all car loans. Before signing the financing contract, read it carefully and ensure you understand all the terms and conditions.

    By following these tips, you can make informed decisions when financing your dream car and ensure that you get the best deal possible. As one of Kenya’s most reliable car loan facilities, we’re here to provide you with seamless, speedy, and transparent service.

    You can choose any car from select dealerships around Kenya, get your loan approved within 24 hours, and enjoy accommodating loan terms of up to 60 months. At Watu Gari, we’re committed to helping you drive your dreams. So get ready to #drivendotozako with Watu Gari!

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