Watu Lottery – Terms and Conditions


These are the terms and conditions which apply to the following Prize Draw Competition – 

  • Meet Your Monthly Repayments & Become a Watu Millionaire
  • Kuwa Milonea Kwa Kulipa Malipo Yako Ya Kila Mwezi

Watu Credit Limited – Company Incorporated in Kenya, Incorporation Number CPR/2013/118599 and headquartered  in  Nyali, Mombasa, Kenya, P.O. Box 10556-80101, Avenue Plaza, 2nd Floor Office No.3

Customer – is an individual who has a contractual relationship with Watu Credit (the person who is a Borrower according to the loan agreement regardless of who makes the payments) and has an open loan account. 

Family Member – means spouse, father, mother, child, father-in-law, mother-in-law, daughter- in-law or son-in-law of the customer 

1.0 Competition:

A prize draw exclusively for qualifying Watu Credit Limited Customers who have an active loan agreement for either two or three-wheeler motor vehicles. The prize draw will run between the months of February 2021 till March 2021 with the following prizes:

Prize per MonthAmount per Month
Tier 1 – First Prize1,000,000 Kenyan Shilling for 1 customer
Tier 2 – Consolation Prize10 Bikes for 10 individual customers
Tier 3 – Consolation Prize100 Goodie Bags for 100 individual customers 

For the customer to be eligible for the prize draw – they must comply with eligibility requirements in full for each of the competing months.

2.0 Eligible Customers:

Watu Credit Limited Customers will be eligible to participate if they meet the all of following requirements:

  • Customers have an active loan for the purchase of asset for a full competing month (loan account prefix – AF)
  • Customers have used this loan to purchase either a two and/or three-wheeler motor vehicle
  • The customer has made scheduled repayments in full in the competing prize draw month
  • Important! Eligible customer is a borrower as per the loan agreement. 

3.0 Excluded Customers & Persons:

  • Customer onboarded during a competing month for new or restructured loans will not be eligible until the following month – for example a customer who took a loan out during February 2021 will be excluded from February’s draw but will be eligible to the following month draws
  • Any loans closed during a competing month will also be excluded from the competition – for example, a customer who has completed their full loan repayments for their asset in February 2021 will be excluded from February’s draw
  • Deceased customers
  • Any customer with asset in repossession stage and/or forced disposal stage 
  • Corporate Customers – loans under the legal entity name or de facto taken for a legal entity by any of the legal entity officers
  • Tier 1 Winners will be excluded from all further draws
  • Watu Credit and IMS employees and family members

4.0 Limited Entries:

  • Customers with multiple loans will only get 1 (one) entry subject to all loans qualifying as per eligibility criteria. 

5.0 Prize Draw Details & Method:

  • Watu Credit Limited will send eligible customers information to Interactive Media Services every month during the end of each month competition
  • Interactive Media Services (Independent Draw Services) will audit the information and run draws on the stated dates – Interactive Media Services will randomly draw 111 customers who will win the following prizes each month:
    • Tier 1 – The first customer drawn from the Prize Draw will win Tier 1 prize
    • Tier 2 – The next 10 customers drawn from the Prize Draw will win Tier 2 prizes
    • Tier 3 – The next 100 customers drawn from the Prize Draw will win Tier 3 prizes
  • Winners will be notified via their registered phone number during the onboarding process.
    • Tier 1 prize will be paid over a 4 month period at 250,000 Kenyan Shillings per month totalling 1,000,000 Kenyan Shillings only.
    • Tier 2 & 3  winning customers will be contacted by our Marketing Team to arrange collection of the prizes
  • Uncontactable Customer – Failure to claim any prize after 30 days will result in the prize being voided and returned to the prize pool for the following month

If you have any further enquiries on this please contact our Customer Care Line on 0790 000 999